NB This is an archive. This website was produced in 2008 and is no longer maintained. Links and information may be out of date.


Valuing Community Composting

The purpose of this website is to provide a 'Toolkit for Unlocking the Potential of Community Composting'. This is a set of techniques for helping to assess the real value to the community of Community Composting projects. The best place to start on this website is with our brief page which explains why we think you would benefit from using the Toolkit.

compost bins hand painted with flowers The website also contains short video case studies of three Community Composting projects in the UK.

We also provide a section of background information about Community Composting:

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The Toolkit, case study videos, and this website are outcomes of a project called "Unlocking the Potential of Community Composting (WRT0211)", funded under Defra's Waste and Resources Evidence Programme.